Over 110 Years of Experience!

ERICHSEN has created testing machines built for effortless, quick, and accurate performance across all drawing tests for a variety of metals. ERICHSEN founded the ERICHSEN Cupping test, which has been used to determine sheet metal quality for almost 100 years.​

Quality assurance is the most effective protection against unexpected “surprises” that can occur during every day use. For almost 100 years ERICHSEN has developed test and measuring instruments that assist in all types of surface inspecton.​

Corrosion creeps under coatings and attacks the products. To reduce these costly failure effects, ERICHSEN offers a wide range of testing instruments. Over time almost every material will be attacked by corrosion. It is critical to understand its effects under different scenarios.

Material testing has been around for centuries, but recently it has gained more and more importance. Understanding the difference in behavior of materials is more critical than ever, and ERICHSEN has a variety of machines that test exactly that.​