Cross Hatch Cutting and Adhesion Testing

The SledCutter 295 XVII is used for the manual application of defined cross-cut patterns to coated test panels, but without the known limitations of purely manual guidance that are associated with working with hand-held devices (handles with cutting tools), such as often strong fluctuations in the applied cutting force and angles in the cutting grid that may deviate too significantly.

The adjustable cutting force allows the comparable testing of even large series without fatigue or risk of injury to the user, whereby the linear guided cutting movement, the adjustable stop and the fixable path limitation enable very precise grid cutting patterns with an accurate 90° angle.

The SledCutter 295 XVII is a table-top device. The carriage is equipped with a linear guide (plain bearing) and is moved by hand. The tester has a height-adjustable load arm with load arm rocker. Defined cross-cut patterns can be easily applied using the multi-cut adapter and cutting tool with a choice of 6 cutting edges included in the scope of delivery.

There is a choice of three cutting tools with different cutting distances (6×1 mm, 6×2 mm or 6×3 mm), whereby each cutting tool is equipped with four cutting edges, allowing a total of three changes to the next sharp cutting edge after wear.

The required scribing force is set by moving and fixing the rider weight on the load arm, with a possible setting range of 2 – 40 N (60 N with additional load weight).