Corrosion Testing Apparatus

The Model 618 (Cyclic Corrosion Testing Device) is ideal for using fast ramps for temperatures or rel. humidity or for slowly increasing/decreasing over several hours. “Made in Germany”: made of special GRP, the test chambers are well suited for freezing cycles (down to -40 °C) and dry heating (up to +70 °C). The test chambers can be opened pneumatically. Its ergonomic design, in a combined cabinet/chest shape, ensures that the samples can be loaded in a very user-friendly manner. Various sample holders are available as accessories. A TFT display with function keys and full-colour touch functionality is used for the operations. By default, the 618 is equipped a control unit for adjusting the air humidity in range of ambient humidity up to 95 % ±5 % and for adjusting the temperature up to a maximum temperature of +50 °C.