Humidity Cabinet

The HYGROTHERM 519 is state-of-the-art technology. The operating and control operations are minimized or automated. With its large 300-litre, standard-compliant test chamber made of acid-resistant and heat-resistant plastic, the HYGROTHERM 519 is also ideally suited for continuous testing and quantity tests.

The HYGROTHERM 519 Smart model is equipped with a PLC control unit. The necessary test parameters are entered via a touch screen display with user-friendly menu navigation, which ensures a fully automatic or manual process for temperature control, bottom-water filling, bottom-water drainage and ventilation. A flow meter ensures that the preset amount of water is filled exactly. The HYGROTHERM 519 Smart is equipped with a chamber illumination. Optionally, the test device can be equipped with a data acquisition and recording system HOBO U12, including software, for recording the test chamber temperature. With the option “Electronic gas dosing device for sulfur dioxide” (order no. 20440132) tests can be carried out in an atmosphere containing SO2.

HYGROTHERM 519 Smart condensation tester for testing the behavior of corrosion protection systems when exposed to condensation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6270-2. Suitable for conducting condensed water constant (CH) and alternating climate (AHT, AT) tests and also for carrying out tests in an atmosphere containing sulfur dioxide according to DIN EN ISO 6988.



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