Cross Hatch Cutting and Adhesion Testing

The cross-cut test is the oldest test method established worldwide for evaluating the adhesive strength of coating materials on substrates lying underneath, still has nothing lost of its popularity and validity and continues to be present across all industries, and even nearly ubiquitous. The evaluation of the test results according to valid standards, i.e. their assignment according to the corresponding characteristic values, has been carried out almost 100% visually for decades by comparison with an example table.
The Automatic Cross Hatch Cut Rating System CrossScan 295/XVI eliminates the user dependency from the valuation transaction.

CrossScan 295/XVI consists of a handy dome for placing on the crosshatch pattern to be evaluated; equipped with camera, LED lighting and potentiometer for intensity control of lighting (5% – 100%). The evaluation takes place via the included software (PC not included).Direct or diffused lighting can be selected via the software to optimize the contrast of the surface to be evaluated

The automatic cross hatch evaluation considers and excludes the width of the scratched channels and determines the percentage (coating) material loss in the defined area of the cross hatch pattern (maximum evaluable image section 20 x 20 mm, visible image section 25 x 25 mm).

Based on the percentage loss, the corresponding cross hatch value is automatically assigned according to the standard specification.