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About Us

Who we are?

100 Years of 100% Quality and 110% Power

Our head company, ERICHSEN GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1910. We research, develop, design and manufacture testing equipment and machines for the following fields of application: Sheet Metal Testing, Surface Testing, Corrosion Testing, Materials Testing. Erichsen Inc. was founded in 2017 with the aim to expand our business activities.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of well-known and proven testing machines and instruments for the coatings industry, we ensure that our experience and knowledge is incorporated into the development of our products. This results in perfect and innovative high quality products. These products meet global requirements on testing technology and exceed international demands on accuracy.

Within the control and monitoring of measuring devices we offer a calibration service for our testing machines and instruments as well as for machines and instruments from other manufacturers. Our most important strength is the realisation of special test requirements from our customers.

Our Vision

We want to create a sustainable future for our company. Therefore, important questions for us are, as follows: How to react to global changes? How can we remain the world leader in sheet metal testing, surface testing, materials testing and corrosion testing? How do we achieve long-lasting value creation?

With our vision and corporate strategy we address these issues.With its flat hierarchy and open mindset, Erichsen sets the course for lasting value creation through continuous growth and strengthening of our profit chain. The focus of our corporate strategy is not only to establish the Erichsen brand sustainably in our core markets, but also sharpening the focus on the respective markets.

It is also planned to strengthen the growth portfolio with additional investments via projects regarding Industry 4.0, digitalization in general, and investments in our most important markets such as the USA and China. This will also be supported by expanding of our product portfolio in the areas of viscosity and corrosion. In the medium term, the annual growth rate of sales and the profit margin should also be sustainably increased.

Our Values

Change is a basic principle of our life. Changes lead to new opportunities for the future in the long term, boost growth as an impetus for business decisions and create a new perspective. The digital transformation as a significant trend of our time, that shows how important it is to prepare for a paradigm shift and to promote it in the respective branch.

Erichsen recognized the opportunities arising from the megatrends of digital transformation and globalization at an early stage and consistently aligned its business activities. Only if we see change as an opportunity and work together, we remain successful in the long term.

Our Team


Technical Sales Manager


Phone: 517 260 8620
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Technical Sales Manager


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E-Mail: david.tweadey@us-erichsen.com




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