Surface Testing

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Hardness, Abrasion and Washability Testing

Scratch Hardness Testing
Scratch Hardness Tester

Multi-function device, linear single stroke and
double stroke to 9999, scratch, rub, wipe, chemicals

Scratch Hardness Testing
Scratch Hardness Tester
TriForcePencil Model 293

Pencil hardness according to Wolf-Wilborn, incl. 17 pencils,
6 B – 9 H, with 3 force settings: 5 N, 7.5 N, 10 N

Scratch Hardness Testing
Model 413

Scratch tester for surfaces, extremely finely
graduated (0.01 N steps), with various test tips

Scratch Hardness Testing
Hardness Test Pencil
Model 318

Scratch resistance of surfaces, 4 different
test probes, 3 force ranges, up to 20 N

Scratch Hardness Testing
Scratch Test Station acc. to BMW/
ERICHSEN Model 450

For various materials in the automotive sector, scratch,
rub, wipe, etc., BMW GS 97034 -2, -3, -8, -9, -11

Scratch Hardness Testing
Mar Tester acc. to Oesterle
Model 435

Gash/metal marking acc. to Oesterle, 3 test disks: Steel,
copper, thermo-set plastic, 0–3 N/0–10 N/0–20 N

Indentation Hardness Tester
acc. to Buchholz Model 263

For paints and coatings, DIN EN ISO 2815/VDA 621-415,
includes scaled measuring microscope

Pendulum Damping Tester
Model 299/300

For paints and coatings according to
König and Persoz, with automatic measuring

Washability and Scrubbing Resistance
Washability and Scrub Resistance
Tester Model 494 MC

Wash resistant and scrub resistance, DIN EN ISO
11998/DIN/ASTM, up to 3 tests in parallel